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a new season for advertisements

Alice Arisu Hearts has a new advertisement this month featuring a holiday Arisu.

A new one featuring Alice is coming soon.


Its late at night but we are still alive!!! So can you find our mystery friends in here, some of our celebrity friends played where's waldo with us and a popular fashion magazine..can you tell me who these faces belong to?? bonus to whoever knows which magazine these are from!!!

Dont judge these images by the tags, looks may be deceiving - DJ Yuko

Alice Arisu : Hearts <3 <3

Our Store is Remodeling!!! We are going to be switching from OOAK items soon!!!

Alice and Arisu are property of AliceArisuHearts

Alice + Arisu products are coming soon!!!

We're trying to keep up to date here and knowing alot about the Japanese fashion industry propels us to focus on who is hot and who is not right now. So currently Sanrio has made a new partnership with Kumiccky for liscensing...try to find the items from her Sanrio line. It's IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Maybe next year I'll be able to get my hands on some of her stuff, much like the Nozomi Tsuji and JSG lines the POPTEEN X Kitty lines are just as elusive though Ebay may still have a few left..let me run over there....

-DJ Yuko

Want List!!! :Jun Planning Dolls

this is a byul doll I have not yet purchased one but I am hoping to do soon!!

DAL!!! She is the cutest of all JUN PLANNING and I think she is better than Pullip!
This is so awesome!! Vampire Pullip, there is a coordinating Dal, Byul, and Taeyang too!!!

This is alot of money but who cares, its worth it in the end to not want it in the future.

Alice & Arisu

Alice Arisu : Hearts <3 <3

Alice Arisu hearts has new items up for sale this week!

Currently working on:
Ageha/Lolita Crowns
Rug Pillow
Plushie hair pieces
Beaded cell phone charms

Dream List:
Big Hair Dont Care Bows
Plastic Head Bands

I hope I get everything done ^ ^;;; Please visit my store for this week's items.

- Alice + Arisu


New on Facebook

Alice Arisu Hearts is on facebook now! 


Alice Arisu : Hearts <3 <3


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